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Terre of Gold by Therony Terre of Gold by Therony
Let me say this now. The artwork was done by :iconeic:
She is a good friend of mine and the biggest Terre Wolf fan. So much so I created one just for her. (Celeste)

Christan is the eldest character I've used in stories or anything now that I don't use Mr. Silverrose at all.
The main character in the Terre Wolf Series. Christan is one of the few males that possesses the Blood Riot and the ability to use the dark flame, later on in the series he can use the same flames Celeste could.

The young Terre is scarred both internally and outwardly because of his past. It is because of his powers that he is both gold and the size of an adult Terre. (He's only a pup in age.) Because of how strong the Blood Riot and flames in him, he has taken on even the Elder sisters Wintri and Equin and survived.

Christan the Gold Terre © to me
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July 16, 2009
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